Unitek is a company leader on water treatment, which commercializes its equipments all along the country and exports to all Mercosur, Peru and Chile, as an authorized distributor of Aquafine Corporation since 1993.

Since these units are not manufactured in South America, it is highly important to take into account when acquiring this kind of technology, that he who provides it, should have the personnel able to properly dimension and install the equipment, as well as to repair the units when maintenance is needed.

UV technology offers the great advantage of its quickness, lack of chemical use and effectiveness on eliminating microorganisms. A radiation-producing lamp is used to provide a lethal dose for bacteria, fungus, virus and other waterborne microorganism. The lamps are used in hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical processes, food industry, etc. and are especially recommended to prevent contamination and infections.

Water disinfection by ultraviolet radiation treatment is a physical process, which does not affect the chemical composition of water, its flavor or smell. Its reliability on disinfection makes it a safe, efficient, economic and ecologic alternative compared to others disinfection methods such as chlorination.

Waterborne microorganisms suffer an irreversible damage on its DNA, caused by the ultraviolet irradiation, which forbids its reproduction, therefore reducing the contamination.


  • Toxicity: Completely null.
  • Corrosion: No chloride is added to the water, so no corrosion issues appear.
  • Effectiveness: 99% of all microorganisms are destroyed.
  • Fastness: It's given by the rate of water flow.
  • Security: No chemical addition.
  • Economy: The power consumption is lower than a simple light bulb.
  • Automation: The unit operates automatically, either continuously or intermittently.
  • Maintenance: Simple installation, manual periodic cleaning, compact unit with low footprint.


Construction: The reaction chamber is constructed in SS 316L, which guaranties zero corrosion.

Maintenance: Since the unit has no moving parts, the maintenance cost is low: the quartz tube needs to be clean periodically, and the lamps replaced when exhausted. This operation takes only a few minutes for it is quite simple. No special tools are required to completely dismantle the unit, in case it might be needed.