Our Ion Exchange systems automatically remove Calcium and Magnesium from water, which are responsible for water hardness.


Among others, water softening offers the following advantages:

  • It reduces up to 25% the energy consumption on heat transferring processes due to a decrease on scale formation. (Investigation performed by the Water Quality Research Council and the Water Quality Association)
  • Detergent washing processes utilize 33% less product to achieve 45% more whitening power.
  • It offers a protection from scaling pipes, salt concentrating units, etc.

The ion exchange process occurs on the surface of a polymeric resin; when saturated on calcium and magnesium, it requires a regeneration performed by the passage of a solution of sodium chloride (common salt) and water.


The regeneration is carried out either by a manifold of valves or an easy-to-run device. The only advantage of this configuration is the initial investment. Unitek only offers this option on large industrial applications, for there is no economical difference on small applications between an automated unit and a manual unit.


When regeneration is started by time, the sequence is started after certain number of hours elapsed since last regeneration, and it occurs whether the resin is exhausted or not. This configuration is recommended for processes where time available for regeneration is limited and exact; for instance buildings where water consumption is practically zero during nights or as pretreatment for equipments that are stopped on a known schedule.


Automation by water volume is determined by a specific volume of water treated, and is established during set up. Once this volume is reached, the regeneration sequence starts. This is certainly the most efficient way to regenerate a water softener, not only for the optimization of salt consumption, but also for the reduction on energy use; however it can occur at any moment of the day. Examples: processes on which storage capacity is enough to overcome the interruption of the supply, o when water is not needed 24 hours a day.


The main advantage of our automatic control valves (1” and 1 ¼”) is that they can be set to regenerate either by time or volume of water treated, without any adding and with no difference on price. It is important to remark that Clack Corporation is the only brand on the market that produces this configuration.


This system incorporates two resin containers which alternate their operation: when one is saturated, the other one starts functioning without ever ceasing water production. This system warranties the supply of water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.