Chemical products

With over 25 years of experience, King Lee Technologies is recognized as the absolute leader on membrane processes chemical production. Unitek®, sole representative in South America, has been commercializing and distributing its products for over 12 years, managing to combine the last on membrane technology with the best customer support and engineering service.

Even when construction quality and material selection are essential to extend life of nanofiltration and reverse osmosis equipments, the most important selection when it comes to extend membrane life is the chemical product to dose. The main reason for this is that the concentration process that occurs along the membrane is a chemical process; therefore the selection is highly important to avoid fouling or scaling.

King Lee has the widest variety of specific chemical products on the market, and its most distinctive aspect is the production exclusively of membrane chemicals, for ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. Among them, we can find:


Designed to control the widest range of fouling on reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes, Pretreat Plus optimizes the system while optimizing the cleaning frequency.


The KL Series are powder cleaning products especially designed to effectively remove membrane fouling, safe and easily. Since it doesn’t hydrolyze the Polyamide of the membrane, even on the extreme pH limited by membrane manufacturers, the membrane start-up performance is recovered. It is the only family with a specific product for the cleaning and removal of Silica.


PROTEC RO is a highly effective dispersant especially designed to treat waters with high organic load and colloidal particles.


PROFLOC C is a coagulant, designed to significantly increase the colloidal particle and dissolved polymers removal by multimedia filters, reducing the replacing frequency of cartridge filters, prior to membrane systems. It is compatible with downstream treatment to the OR.


Microtreat BIO is a safe and effective sanitizing agent, that works by suffocation or asphyxia, without damaging (usually by oxidation) of the membrane during the cleaning. The Microtreat BIO asphyxia method of killing microorganism does not create high TOC levels, making it a superior alternative than chloride, chlorine peroxide, or formaldehyde.


Memstor prevents safely and effectively the microbiological growth inside the membranes during storage; it works for long as well as for short periods of time, unlike Sodium Metabisulfite (SMBS).


The Diamite Series is a group of liquid cleaners, designed to remove a great variety of organic and inorganic fouling from the membrane surface. The cleaning is performed by submerging the element on a still solution.

Due to the global increase of fuel prices, King Lee Technologies has developed an exclusive series of super-concentrated antiscalants. The relationship  with other alternatives on the market is 1:6 on weight, and 1:8 on volume, which translates into a reduction of freight, up to 6 times on weight. This development allows for a reduction of the freight price in the Country, minimizing the impact of the fuel situation.